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Can you let someone else write your blogs?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

So, you have a business blog, or you want one, but you constantly run out of time to actually publish something, or you just don't like writing.

Then someone suggests you outsource this content writing to a copywriter.

You might be wondering, "How on earth can someone else with NO EXPERIENCE in my industry be able to write informative blogs for me?" Or maybe you're thinking, "How will the copywriter know all the info, I mean can they really understand the topics and write about them for my blog?"

Well, the answer to all your questions is - YES!

Any good copywriter can - and will - be able to write for just about any topic, make it engaging, keep it on point, and help you publish quality content.

Tell me how you cry! Well, it basically comes down to 5 key elements:

My blog writing plan for clients

1. Planning stage: I take time to understand your business, and your audience

Right from the first phone call or email, I will be looking at your website, thinking about your industry, and brainstorming content pillars.

Prior to starting the first blog, I will ask you lots of questions so I can find out what tone of voice we need for your content, and so we can be sure to hit the right note with your audience.

2. Drafting stage: I do a lot of research!

I once wrote a 20-blog series about lightbulbs, so, yeah, I can write about anything really!

Finance, education, parenting, event management, IT and technology, leadership and management, adult industry... yep I have written for all these industries.

Your industry, your business, and your intended audience might need content in different forms. So, I will do a lot of research about each blog topic, until I am pretty much an expert myself! Then I will work out the best way to write the blog to attract the right audience.

Any reports, surveys, or quoted content will be referenced accordingly, and I know how to break down the topic into bite size sections to make it really easy to digest.

3. Writing stage: I know how to write COPY - not just content

Copywriting whether it be blogs, website copy, brochures, social media, profiles, case studies, or ads - all forms of copy require the right words in the right places.

"Power" words, CTA's (call to action), persuasive copy... all these elements mix together to create a valuable resource for your business in the form of well-crafted blog copy.

And, as an experienced copywriter I also know the best way to lay out all your blog content.

4. Editing stage: I understand the magic is in the edit

FIrst drafts are just that: first drafts. The best part of writing for a living, is the process of creating, moulding, shaping, and publishing content that makes people react. I will often sit on some of the content for a day or two, come back and tweak it, clarify some of the points, and then only when I am sure the copy is great, will I allow you to look at it!

5. Publishing stage: I actively look for feedback

Feedback is good. When I send you the first draft of your blog, don't be shy in telling me what bits of you like, which parts you want changed, and any other feedback.

As my client, you will always have x2 free rounds of edits included in any content package, which means we have the time and opportunity to tweak each blog if you need changes, or want to add an extra point. This way, we can collaborate to get to content that is 100% perfect.

That said, because of the in-depth research I do at the start, it is very rare that my first drafts need more than a small or slight edit. Once, it's ready, I can even help you upload the blog to your website and hit publish!

Work with me

Hopefully now you feel much more confident to outsource some of your content writing to a copywriter, like me!

Want to work with a Perth copywriter? Feel free to get in touch via my contact form. Or simply email me at


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