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How should I write my blog? Is there a tried and tested format?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

How to format your blog for SEO

Great question! I am glad you asked!

Creating brilliant blogs for your business is not as simple as writing some words and publishing online. In order to write blogs that people want to read, and that consistently achieve good SEO results, you need to think about the way you format each blog.

This means thinking about a reader-friendly layout, as well as considering which keywords to use and where to place them.

So, what is the magic formula for blogs?

This the best blog format – and the one I use with my clients:

1. Helpful Headline

Help the reader out! Make the headline interesting, appealing, and enticing! If the headline includes one of your main keywords – bonus blog points for you! You’ll please the Google and SEO universes!

2. Pleasing Picture

Choose an image that is relevant to the blog, and of great quality. There are loads of image sites where you can use images for free, but remember these get used a lot. It might be worth paying to purchase some images from sites that offer great images at reasonable prices – a lot of these sites have special offers where you can buy say, 50 images for $50.

Make sure you set the image at the correct size so it doesn’t slow your website down. And also ensure you fill in the Image Alt text with one of your keywords! This helps with your SEO score.

3. Interesting Intro

Get them seeing the value of your blog straightaway. Tell the audience what you are going to say – what problem you are going to solve or what story you are going to tell? More bonus blog points if you can get your main keyword into the first 100 characters.

4. Brilliant Blog Body

Write all your content without trying to make it perfect - yet! Just get your thoughts down onto the screen or paper!

Then go through and edit.

Break up long paragraphs into smaller ones. Break up long sentences into shorter ones! Use emotive words.

Break up text with sub-headings and bullet points.

Avoid long, complicated words thinking they'll make you sound intelligent - they'll just alienate or annoy!

Read your blog a few times to check it reads well. And once you're happy with the piece, do a quick proofread.

5. Simple Summary

This only needs to be a simple summary of all you’ve discussed - what has the reader learned or what value did they get?

6. Catchy CTA

Call To Action

What do you want the reader to do now? Be specific…. Do you want them to call or email? Sign up for your newsletter? Register for your event? Buy your book?

This is your chance to engage with the reader and get them to take action.

Brilliant Business Blogs

Follow these 6-steps and you'll have blogs that Google loves and that people actually want to read.

Did you know...?

/// I write brilliant blogs for my clients. Contact me for a price range on my writing services.

/// I also proofread and edit content if you already have some draft blogs hidden away!


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