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How to write copy that people love - 8 tips for better copy

Whether you're writing a blog, website copy, brochure or email sequence, these 8 tips will help your copy stand out.

1. Make it about them

"Our pegs are brilliant because they come in three different colours."


"You can choose from three different peg colours, which means you'll always find the right one."

"I can help you improve your fitness through my weekly group classes."


"You will be able to improve your fitness through my supportive weekly fitness classes."

Use YOU as much as possible and less I.

Go through your copy now and check how many times you say I versus YOU.

2. Break down content

Because people are usually scanning quickly, writing long paragraphs with long sentences will turn people off.

Sorry to break it to you but people are not always hanging off every word in your web copy or blog, they will scan for the bits that are most relevant to them.

Bring some buzz back to your writing in the form of shorter sections, for example:

  • bullet points

  • numbered lists

  • sub headings

See what I did there?!

Use them, they are meant to be used… they are RIGHT THERE in Word/PowerPoint/your website templates!!! So please use them or simply write sub headings.

3. Write shorter sentences

Write shorter sentences.

Point made.

4. Use power words









5. Cut unnecessary words

How many times have you started to read something then thought, "Just get to the point!"

Write crisply, there is often no need for "that" and "this".

6. Ban the jargon!

Limit the jargon and be careful with big, fancy words. There’s no need to complicate the writing unless you are writing a university thesis or science manual. Web copy, emails, newsletters and blogs should be friendly and conversational. Don’t make it hard for the reader to understand your point.

7. Show, don't tell

Use stories or examples to “show” a reader what your message is. Use your words to paint a picture that helps them understand the benefits of your products/service, or the deeper level of your message.

8. Edit, sleep on it, then edit again

The best way to get started on a piece of writing is to begin!

Your first draft can be terrible, because you are just getting in to the flow, then you edit and proof read later.

When you have finished your drafts and are happy with the result, just be patient. Wait half a day or even better overnight. Come back with fresh eyes and do your final read through.

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