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6 tips for writing social media content

Every time you post on social media you are showcasing your brand in some way.

So you probably want to leave a good impression then?!

Here are 6 top tips to apply when writing content for social media.

Why use social media as part of your marketing strategy

Posting on social media helps with:

  • brand awareness

  • positioning in the market

  • sharing your knowledge

  • lead generation

  • customer retention

However, due to the ever-changing social platform algorithms, it can feel increasingly harder to generate engagement with your social media posts.

But there is hope. By applying some simple writing tips, you can make your message more appealing to more people.

6 tips for writing social media content

  1. Make the first line count

Remember, a lot of people will only see 'above the fold'.

You know how often when scrolling social media, you'll see a line or two then it says "read more...".

While some people will click to read the whole post, many will just be scrolling past, taking note of the first line, and the accompanying graphic/image.

So make the first 1-2 lines really catchy and interesting.

2. Consider the graphic/images

Visuals make it easier for people to digest your content. An interesting, or well-designed graphic or image can make someone stop mindlessly scrolling, and actually take note of your post.

By utilising platforms like Canva and Photoshop, you can create amazing visuals.

If you are using a graphic (maybe from Canva) or a photo, make sure it's good quality.

3. Keep the posts short, simple, and relevant

Don't try to write an essay, you can use a blog post if you want to elaborate on a topic.

By using headings, bullets, and lists where possible you can make your content easier for people to read.

4. Include a call to action

Towards the end of your post, you need to include a CTA (call to action), which is one way of encouraging your clients to take the next step you’d like for them to take.

Without a CTA, customers might do nothing after reading your post, even though they may have liked it. Some common CTA includes:

  • Like this post? Click 'Like' or share with your friends

  • Visit our website for more (then include a link)

  • Subscribe to our newsletter

  • Comment below your tips

Help the reader engage more with your content or show them how they can get more value from you.

5. Use friendly, positive language

Try to draw the reader in by using pronouns such as “we” “I,” “me,” and “you” as opposed to “the company,” “the client,” or “the team.”

Write as though you are speaking directly to each reader, and make people feel seen and heard.

6. Share content your audience will find value in (aka. understand who you’re writing for)

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? But it's surprising how many social media accounts just talk about themselves or post really boring stuff!

Remember, speak to your audience about what you know, but in a way that is friendly and helpful.

Still want more?

For more tips on managing social media and writing content, please check out some of my other blogs.

In my previous blog, How a solid social media strategy can help your business, you can read more about how to develop a social media strategy.

Are you ready to get your content all managed for you?

Contact me via and we'll book a free discovery call.


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