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Images for your social media

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I'm often being asked how to create quality imagery for social media. I mainly use Canva, but some people get scared by new technology so I thought I'd show you how easy it is!

(I am not affiliated to Canva in anyway! Just trying to help show how easy it can be to create quality templates and images for your business)

You can use Canva to create a lot more than social media stuff - you can create proposals, quotes, flyers, business cards... so much more. But seeing as most of my client work is social media I am going to focus on this.

1. Sign up (pssst..... it's free!)

Start by signing up to the free account. It lets you do a lot. You can upgrade to a paid version later on if you feel the bonus features are worth it.

So simply set your email address and a password and go!

2. Set up fonts and colours

As per your branding, you can set up your fonts, colours and imagery. If you know your colour codes, type them in here:

Next, upload your logo (please upload quality versions). Click on Uploads and put in all your logos and related images.

3. Create a master suite of templates

Then it's a good idea to start playing around with templates, setting up 3-5 variations that use your branding and can be used for different types of posts. So create a template for quotes or feedback, one for images, one for project work etc. For ideas on what to post, read Help! I don't know what to post on social media!

In terms of images, you can either use the ones already in Canva, or upload your own if you access images from sites such as Unsplash, Pixels, Flicker etc.

4. Copy, edit and share

Then, rather than tinker with the original, make a copy that you can edit each time and play round with different formats, then download and share on your social media.

5. Duplicate the common templates

You can duplicate the templates you like and rename them at the top too.

Have fun!

The main point I want you to see, is that after a bit of time, you can get very good at creating images. Take your time, try different images and templates, and soon you'll have slick looking social media.

If you would prefer to outsource it all to me, or just part of it, email me at and we'll chat!


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