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Writing bio's or staff profiles

Staff profiles provide an opportunity to showcase the team, the people behind the scenes, putting faces to the team and humanising your brand.

Meet the team

Writing staff profiles and having a Meet the Team page on your website is a really important part of your marketing and customer engagement strategies.

By putting faces to the team, you build trust, establish personal connections, showcase expertise, enhance company culture, strengthen employee engagement, and differentiate your brand.

Remember, people do business with people, and staff profiles humanise your organization, creating a lasting impression on customers and fostering long-term relationships. So, take the time to highlight the incredible individuals who contribute to your success and watch how staff profiles become a powerful asset for your business.

About us

Often, you would start with an About page and have the staff profiles there, after an introduction to the business or the business owner.

Or you might have a separate page on the website just for Meet the Team.

Why write staff bios

  • Staff Profiles can help boost your team’s esteem

  • They are a great way to display your team’s capacity

  • And a good way to show your human side

  • Staff profiles help build trust and credibility with your audience

  • And they help establish personal connections - humans naturally seek personal connections, and staff profiles provide an avenue to foster those connections.

Tips for writing staff profiles

Get ready to create some engaging staff profiles and show your audience what your team capabilities are:

Personality and individuality

Go beyond job titles and responsibilities, and highlight unique aspects of each employee's personality, such as hobbies, passions, or achievements outside of work.

You don’t need to force a funny or unique habit or skill if there isn’t one – but most people have something unique and interesting about themselves that helps make them who they are.

Keep profiles short and sweet

Having said that, it’s best to keep it short and sweet, and avoid a novel-length bio. You don’t need to know every last detail of an employee’s life – only the parts that are relevant to their job.

Keep the same tone that you usually use

Write staff profiles in a conversational tone that reflects your company culture. Avoid overly formal language and make it easy for readers to connect with the content.

Use photos

Don’t worry – you don’t necessarily need to book in a professional photo shoot. Most good cameras or phones take great photos, and you can tweak or use filters to enhance the quality of the photos.

But an image does help build trust and connection even further.

Update and review regularly

Once you’ve created employee profiles, review them quarterly and make any changes or additions necessary. You should also archive any profiles of employees who are no longer with the company – you don’t want inactive profiles taking up space.

Compelling staff profiles can showcase the unique qualities, accomplishments, and impact of your employees. A well-written staff profile not only highlights individual strengths but also contributes to a positive brand image and fosters connections with your audience.



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