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Never be afraid to give your copywriter feedback.... here's why....

Collaboration and project feedback
Collaboration and project feedback

Case Study - Editing Project

This client! Wow! From the initial briefing, they were on the ball, gave me loads of info so I could get a grasp of their business and the goals they wanted to achieve... and once I did my first edit, they gave constructive feedback.

The project: I was tasked with editing some sales brochures. They were already quite well written but missed a bit of... something.

So, I edited them and with a couple of key points, I gave more than one option of phrasing for them to choose from.

The result: They came back saying they loved the changes but had some feedback on a few of the paragraphs, so we tweaked them, and then the client was able to sign off the project. It's this kind of constructive collaboration that I love about my job!

The lesson: Never be afraid to give your copywriter feedback, just do it nicely. We are only human, but mostly we enjoy the collaboration and "team feel"..... and we love a good client!


If you are looking for a professional writer to either write content, review existing content or proofread draft content, please get in touch here - I'd love to chat and see how I can help with your business and marketing needs.


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