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How to write a valuable LinkedIn profile

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Do you have a LinkedIn Profile? LinkedIn can be a fantastic marketing and sales tool when you know how to use it properly. You can talk directly to your ideal target market, find and connect with the key people, and use the platform to also boost your Google ranking.

Getting to know you...

Is your profile bubbling with positive personality or is it more of a yawn-inducing yarn?

Your LinkedIn profile should show your unique identity, and be well crafted.

View it as an opportunity to be friendly AND professional.

Readers of your LinkedIn profile usually head there because they want to get to know YOU and your WHY, and then maybe see any relevant qualifications or mutual connections.

Ultimately, they want to get a feel for if you can connect, or if they can trust you, or if you'll be a good fit to solve their problem.

LinkedIn profile tips

Use a great headshot: Essentially, this is your profile picture and it is a vital part of your personal brand. A clear headshot or top half photo, that is less than a year old is a great start. Ensure it is professional - no beach or gym photos please - but the photo can still be friendly and make you look warm and engaging.

Make your headline stand out: LinkedIn will populate this by default, but you can change this to what you really want to be known for. If you want your profile to be searchable, include one or two keywords. Whatever you choose, keep it short and to the point.

Utilise the cover image: This is the banner image at the top - and many miss this opportunity to showcase themselves here. Here you might display your logo, a list of services, or a great photo of you and the team in action.

Make the About section count: Here we get into it! Make the first paragraph count. The first few sentences of your LinkedIn profile summary are crucial to convincing people to keep reading. Then expand on key points, don't be afraid to inject some light humour, and look to sprinkle in some reassuring points about your work or your processes.

You want people to get to the end of this section feeling safe to connect with you and excited to work with you. Your summary is your audience’s window into who you are.

Experience and Education: This is where you can list your work history and your education. Make it as succinct as you can while still entering all the relevant information.

Accomplishments: Did you know you can post and link to your papers, patents, honours/awards, or projects?

LinkedIn articles: Publish blogs or articles directly on LinkedIn by going to the 'start a post' section on the home page, then clicking on Write article.

Promote yourself

LinkedIn boasts *756 million members in more than *200 countries and territories worldwide (*source: LinkedIn).

LinkedIn can be your best marketing and sales tool if used properly. You can reach your ideal target market, find and connect with the right people, and use the platform to also boost your Google ranking.

So with these facts in mind, here are 5 ways to make your LinkedIn profile work for you:

  1. Get used to promoting yourself too. Don't be shy to list your qualifications just don't start with them - start with who you are. Your qualifications can also be listed in the Education or Experience sections.

  2. Make use of the three URLs you are allowed on your profile to share your own blogs or published materials.

  3. Also, get conformable with asking for recommendations. You can ask past colleagues or clients to write you a recommendation.

  4. Make time to share your own content, comment on other posts, and connect with others. If you use LinkedIn to authentically engage with the right people to build business relationships, you'll find it easy to leverage one of the largest professional social networks.

  5. Use keywords on your posts #

And if you want some help, you know where I am: Get in touch here or visit me on Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram


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