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How I work with agencies

I love working with agencies... In fact, I have worked with a number of agencies over the years.

Often creative agencies want or need to sub-out content creation tasks on behalf of their clients (such as blog writing or editing copy)

Copywriting match made in heaven

I LOVE working with agencies because I get to work on a huge variety of projects.

For anyone wanting to work with agencies as a freelancer, here are my tips & lessons learned:

  1. Understand their deadlines - real or suggested! I know that agencies are often under the pump from their client, and therefore I can be the difference between them getting the project in on time or not!

  2. Calculate an hourly rate or day rate that works for all parties. I will always charge my worth - but I understand the agency will have a mark-up on top of my rate so I keep that in mind when quoting.

  3. Be able to work autonomously. Agencies love it when they can just flick over a project brief with a deadline - and the copywriter just gets it done!

  4. Understand that there might be a chain of command - the project manager might need to get things approved or signed off by a creative director.

  5. Be ready to make edits quickly (and factor this into your project/hourly rate).

Keen to create valuable and real content?

Please feel free to get in touch and ask for a quote for blogs, social media content, eBooks, eNewsletters, or any other marketing material.

As a copywriter, I also offer editing services and can help proofread your content and refresh it as necessary. Get in TOUCH.


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