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Why you need to be writing case studies

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

How case studies can elevate your marketing, get you in front of the right audience, as well as showcase you or your business as a leader in your industry.

What is a case study?

A case study can literally be a write-up of a project you've worked on.

We use it to share a detailed story about how you helped a particular client or customer.

Case studies go beyond testimonials because they are usually long-form content (like a blog article), and they tell a story while showcasing both the client and you.

A case study should ultimately be positive, however, it can discuss a challenge, how it was approached, and then resolved.

And a case study should absolutely be more about the client than you!

What are the benefits of sharing case studies as content?

Case studies should be forming an integral part of your content.

Here are 6 main reasons to be using case studies in your marketing.

  1. It's content literally just sitting there waiting to be written (no more scratching your head trying to come up with content this month!)

  2. A case study can really highlight your business and show how good you are at what you do - without seeming like a sales pitch

  3. You can repurpose the content several times by taking snippets to use as testimonials

  4. A case study is a great example of long-form content that can be used for SEO

  5. Use case studies to position your company as a market leader and provide powerful social proof

  6. Use case studies to guide your prospects through their buying journey

And how can you share the content?

Ideally, you will have a blog page or news page on your website. The article is uploaded there, then the link and an introduction can be shared far and wide:

How to share your case study:

  • with a link on social media

  • promote it in your eNewsletters

  • link it in your emails

  • as a contributing piece of content on another website

And of course, the person or business you are showcasing will be sharing it too hopefully!

How to write a case study that won't send people to sleep

While the concept of a case study is fairly simple, they need to be written in a language that will attract people to read it.

Of course, you will need the client's permission to publish a case study about them but I mean who doesn't want a bit of free publicity?!

1. Find an intriguing hook and creative narrative

Maybe there was a particular challenge that had to be overcome? Maybe it was your 100th of the same project? Did the client win an award because of something you helped with?

Find something that stands out - something that hooks the reader in straight away.

Then, craft the narrative.

Be creative, and think about a customer journey that is relatable to your wider audience but also an interesting read.

Consider what it is you hope for the case study to accomplish, which will help you identify what steps your narrative should take.

2. Use powerful and engaging language

Banish the boring words.

Powerful words include Imagine














No more corporate speak. This is the time to be creative, emotional, engaging, and evocative.

3. Make it about the benefits to the client

What were the initial problems they wanted to solve?

What did you do to meet their need and help them achieve their goal? What solutions did you try?

Were there any measurable, objective results?

What did the client like best about working with you?

4. Big up your client

Showcase your client, and help readers see what their business is and what they offer. Make it all about them, with a sprinkling here and there about your part in the process.

4. Use quotes from the people involved

A great way to break up content or make it more 'real' is to have one to two quotes from the people involved.

It really helps to bring the copy alive and helps the reader really feel some connection.

6. Format the copy for publication

Make sure you section off content, into subheadings for example, and use some images/photos.

7. Call to action

What do you want readers to do after reading this case study? Can you offer any recommendations going forward to further examples of similar work? Do you want the reader to get in touch about their project? Offer some hook at the end to make people want to read more of your content or make contact.

Are you ready to work with me on your copy and content?

I bet you have a heap of great content just waiting to be shared?

Don't keep all your best news stories and projects under wraps, share the goods with your audience.

Keen to get started? Contact me by email at or via the contact form on my website.


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