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Why upskilling is good for your business, but also good for your soul!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

We’ve all seen the joy in a child’s eyes when they learn to ride a bike or learn to swim.

As adults we should be giving ourselves every opportunity to learn something new, or upskill and improve in some way.


Okay, so now you feel like you want to learn something new right?! No one wants to be called old!!!

Sometimes upskilling is simply keeping up to date with industry news and new technology. Or you could take it further and commit to some form of studying – you could even gain a new qualification.

Here are some great ways to learn something new, or improve your existing skills:

  • Register for webinars

  • Attend face to face training courses

  • Read blogs and articles by experts

  • Read relevant books and journals

  • Join a mentor or networking group

  • Source a range of on-line tutorials to watch

  • Attend seminars (these come in many formats: breakfast seminars, lunch & learn, sundowners etc)

What are the benefits?

The benefits for learning new things or upskilling might be different for each person. You will also have your own motivations for learning a new skill, and the time spent is usually worth it!

1. Give your brain a treat

I know for me, whenever I learn something new, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, I feel happy and proud: it’s as if my brain does a little happy dance.

It also increases my confidence and often it enables me to become more efficient in my work.

Who wouldn’t want all that?!

2. Future-proof your career

We all know things won’t be the same in 2030 as they are now! Being able to move with the times and learn new skills or systems enables you to move forward in your chosen career, even when technology or systems change.

3. Change careers

You could even change careers all together! Upskilling gives you the opportunity to find other things you are good at, and enjoy. You might just find a related skill (or unrelated skill) that leads you to a whole new world. This is exciting! Upskilling allows the chance to change your career and follow a dream.

4. Increase your value/salary/income

When you learn new skills and have more experience in a wider range of areas, your value increases. You can push for a pay rise at work, or increase your hourly rate in your business. Most people understand that businesses or people charge rates based on their level of experience and their training/expertise in certain areas.

5. Stay motivated (push boredom and complacency out the window!)

What’s the best way to stay excited and connected to the things in life that you enjoy? Keep learning something new!

You can refine your current skill set or explore new skills; doesn’t matter which. Just know that learning new things, gaining new information and mastering new skills is such a great way of keeping excited and motivated at work.

Go on! Give your brain a treat and register for that seminar you’ve had your eye on, or sign up to some industry newsletters!

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