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The voices in my head...

I hear voices, all the time.

A huge part of my job is writing for others. Writing for clients.

Writing blog content, social media posts, or web content.

I'm constantly trying to write in the voice of someone else. When writing social media posts for others, I can't always write in my own voice. Instead, I need to think how my client would say things, write it, make it better, and post content to engage the client's audience.

I love getting to write in so many "voices" and create such a variety of content.

I think I understand how an actor feels - writing for others is very much like "getting into the role" as an actor.

I have to lose myself for a little while and get into the zone - this is why batching is such a good idea. Once I am in the zone for one client, I may as well write a batch social media posts.

So how do I do it (and can I show you?!)

Well, one thing people might not realise is that often the writing part is only one part of the overall project, and comes after a lot of other steps.

I think a lot. I spend time just letting my thoughts go in any direction. Working out "angles" for a blog or "tone" for social media posts.

Research, read, digest, write, edit, edit some more

  1. I often do a brain dump onto a blank page. A verbal vomit onto the screen!

  2. I research. Reading other related content or asking questions.

  3. I look at the previous content published by the client. I get a feel for their tone based on conversations we've had.

  4. Then I leave it. When I come back later that day or a few days later, I edit.

  5. I might research some more.

  6. Edit again, and proofread.

  7. Publish (or send to client for review/editing).

  8. Monitor the reach and response to help with future content.

A labour of love

As you can see, good content is created over time, with love!

/// Want help with your content?

I write fresh and engaging blogs.

Also offer help to publish on your website with the correct formatting and SEO.

I write social media content that fits in with your brand voice, that engages, and that triggers people to act.

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