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Secrets to managing multiple clients

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

At a recent networking event, I was asked how I manage multiple clients?

We were taking part in a "fun" little exercise at a marketing seminar, where we had to ask other attendees “What concerns do you have about my industry?”

So, when it was my turn I told them I work as a Content Writer and VA, and explained that I provide services including copy writing and proofreading, general admin and social media.

They put forward “How would I know you have time for me if you are working with lots of other clients?”

This is a valid question and concern. If you engage the services of anyone, you want to know you’ll be taken care of, and that you won’t be “just a number”. You don't want to be pushed aside, always waiting days for reply emails or for phone calls to be returned, just because they are too busy.

How I manage my time, and give all my clients 100%

Firstly, I am a very organised person. Ask my husband! We are never (okay, rarely) late for anything. I will remind him a week in advance about things. My kids are never (okay, okay – again, rarely!) late for school, in fact we are often the first ones there.

I plan. If I want to go to the gym tomorrow, or for an early morning run, I will get my work-out clothes ready the night before. I like to make my life easier by getting the kids lunch packed or my hair washed the night before. I make shopping lists and I stick to them! I know right?! Do I sound boring? I promise you, I’m not usually described as boring! I just like to be organised and I love To Do lists. This leads on to my second point….

I LOVE a good To Do list. After playing around with a few versions, I have actually created my own template that helps me organise my brain for each week. Gosh, right now I am sounding like the life of the party, aren’t I?! But, you see, the funny thing is, all my planning and organising actually means I do get to have fun on weekends or days off because I am up to date with work/home stuff/personal stuff.

Another thing I do is keep a colour-coordinated diary, that includes work tasks as well as personal and family things.

Finally, I track my billable & non-billable time, and I won’t ever over commit. I know when I am at capacity, or when I have room for a new client. It's also worth noting that I have smaller clients as well as a few big ones. While some clients do outsource a lot of work to me, there are other clients that only need me for 1-2 hours a week or a month.

I will move heaven and earth for my clients

Here’s the thing: after being in the workforce for 20+ years, I have had some truly amazing jobs, but I have also had some painful, soul-destroying jobs. All of them have taught me things.

I feel incredibly lucky to now be running my own business, choosing the work I want to do. I do not take for granted how lucky I am to have the flexibility to pick my kids up from school. The success of my business relies on my clients being happy with my service and the work I do for them.

A popular part of brand identity, a strategy that all marketing experts will tell you, is to work out what you stand for. What is your “brand personality?” What two words best describe you/your business? And what is your USP (unique selling point)?

Well, top of my list is ALWAYS: reliable and passionate.

Of course, “Do a great job” is a main factor for me. But I sort of take that as a given.

How it works

  • I plan my time, so you don’t have to micro-manage me.

  • Your request/job/task will always be considered and managed with respect.

  • If I say I will reply by Thursday, you can bet your mortgage on me actually replying by Thursday, unless something wild, out of my control happens. Even then, I will probably try to text or call you instead!

  • Your business will become an extension of mine – I will fall in love with your business!

  • I am realistic about time frames and I always quote a budget before starting anything.

I play to my strengths

I recently completed a strengths profile test….. can you guess what my top 5 strengths were?!

  1. Organiser

  2. Humour

  3. Writer

  4. Innovation

  5. Moral Compass

It’s no surprise I have built a business around my strengths.


/// Please feel free to contact me anytime


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