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Is your content offering value or is it just insincere marketing

Recently I was thrilled to write a blog for SourceBottle, all about how to create valuable content.

Tips to help you do this include:

1. DO - be sincere

Be honest. As you’re writing, or revising a piece of your content, are you really trying to sneakily 'sell' to the audience? Or are you genuinely attempting to impart some wisdom, teach the reader something, or make them feel good?

I’m not saying your blogs, eBooks, social media content, or podcasts aren’t all great lead magnets or sales opportunities. But this must be at the end (the Call to Action) or very subtly weaved into the piece in a way that is natural. Be careful that you are not 'tricking' people into reading your blog for the purpose of just spruiking how great you are.

Ensure the main aim of your content is to sincerely offer value through your thoughts, advice, or shared experiences.

2. DON’T - be fluffy

Be careful not to write a 'fluff' piece just because you need or want to fill some content. This just wastes the reader's time. Rather, look to give information they perhaps haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

And please don't try to fill word counts with pointless words or points. A shorter piece that grabs the reader's attention is far better than a longer piece that just bores the reader and turns them off ever consuming any of your content ever again.


You can read the full blog here.

Keen to create valuable and real content?

Please feel free to get in touch and ask for a quote for blogs, web copy, social media content, or any other marketing material.

As a copywriter, I also offer editing services and can help audit your content and refresh it as necessary. Get in TOUCH.


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