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8 top tips to get more people to read your blog

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Are you regularly publishing blog articles on your website?

Either you're writing them yourself, or you're outsourcing to a copywriter - either way, are you sure you're getting the most value out of each piece of content?

Are people actually seeing your content and reading it?

Hey there, wanna read my blog?

To ensure that your content is seen by the people who need to see it, you will have to make your content easy to find.

And you will need to tell people that it exists!

Here are 8 tips to get people to find - and read - your blogs:

1. Share the link on your socials

You can literally copy and paste the link into a new Facebook or LinkedIn post, or link up to your LinkTree on Instagram if you have it. Write a short but inviting caption - this can often just be the opening paragraph.

2. Share the blog in your newsletter

Similar to point 1, you can share an intro to the blog article in your newsletter and then add the link for people to read the full blog on your website.

3. Share it again on your socials...

No, I am not repeating myself. Well, yes I am sort of. But I am repeating myself on purpose!

Social media algorithms mean that not everyone will see your blog link when you share it - in fact as few as 5% of your following might see your social posts at any one time. Therefore, it is really critical that you re-share the blog again a few months later. You can simply schedule this in when you post it the first time - easy, job is done!

4. Consider turning it into an eBook

If the topics in your blog have enough meat in them to write more, then an eBook is a great way to write a more comprehensive piece of content. An eBook is a great marketing tool, either as a free lead magnet or as passive income if you charge for the download.

Another idea is that if your blog contains a lot of data, you could turn the main points into an info-graphic to share on social media.

5. Select one or two ‘tips’ from each blog and create accompanying social media images

This is a golden tip! Taking a snippet of an 800-word blog and creating a short, sharp graphic for your social media page is a wonderful way to share useful content with your audience in different ways that will be appealing to your readers.

6. Use SEO keywords in your blog

A few carefully placed keywords in your blog can help it be found by people searching those terms. If your business is a physiotherapy practice, and you have written a blog about post-natal topics, ensure you include terms such as “female-friendly” or “pelvic floor physio Perth”

7. Share it again on your socials OR in your newsletter

Yep, this one again! If it's evergreen content, then you can share the blog again even a year (or two, or three!) later.

8. Write a spin-off

Most blogs get close to going off on tangents anyway! So, you can often take one of the themes from a blog and explore it further in a separate blog. This can then be shared as a new article, with links to the older blog included.

Why keep sharing the same blog again?

You need to make sure people actually find your content in order to:

  • keep reaching new audiences

  • boost your organic visibility

  • strengthen your message

Why are blogs such valuable content anyway?

Why should you have a business blog?

  • blogs help with SEO

  • blogs can offer value to your audience

  • blogs build credibility with your ideal clients

  • blogs are a way to share your knowledge

  • blogs build up evergreen content and resources

  • blogs help position yourself as an expert in your field - a thought leader

Looking for help with blog writing?

Looking for blog topic ideas? I have 15 blog topic ideas here just for you.

Want to work with a Perth copywriter?

Feel free to use my contact form. Or simply email me at


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