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Why are blogs such valuable content?

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Blogs, glorious blogs. Do you need a blog in your business? Does your website need a blog? Well, let's look at how blogs can help your marketing, drive sales, and offer regular new content - as well as get real about what they CANNOT do!

Why blogs help with SEO

While a valuable marketing resource, blogs are not necessarily there to get a sale as soon as the reader finishes reading!

Rather, think of blogs as a way to build trust with your audience, improve SEO rankings, and create a bank of content to re-purpose over and over again.

So how do blogs help with SEO?

Crawling: If you are publishing blogs regularly, (once a month, once a week - up to you!) then you are creating new content for your website which Google can then crawl (crawling helps your SEO rankings).

Keyword targeting: As well as the crawling benefits, you can also use blogs to target keywords and phrases which your ideal customer might be searching for.

Now, we don't stuff the keywords in - that's a throw back to the old days of black hat SEO and "keyword stuffing".

And it's not good. Rather we carefully place the chosen keyword or phrase in the title, the image alt tags and the meta title description.

Other business benefits of regular blogging

Blogs are good for SEO, but they are also great for positioning yourself as an expert in your field - a thought leader. They are a way to share your knowledge.

You can also

  • offer value to your audience

  • build credibility with your ideal clients

  • build up evergreen content and resources

How to write blogs that give value: tips from a Perth copywriter

No one enjoys being pressured or manipulated into making a purchase. So use your blogs to give value.

As you publish more and more content, people will connect and bond with you. This all builds trust. And as the trust grows, they are more likely to take note of your capabilities and experience - then when/if they need what you offer, they will see YOU as the go-to person.

By publishing quality content that is reliable and useful, Google will reward you! Google likes to find the best content for it's searchers. So if your blogs are well written and actually answer the question the searcher has, you are more likely to rank higher.

And by offering value in your blogs, you can educate the reader. This does not negate their need for you! Rather you are strengthening the relationship with your audience - and when they are ready, you will be top of their list!

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