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How do you view your success?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

I recently completed a ‘Well-being Survey’. I was helping a client who is completing a coaching qualification and it was actually really useful for me as well as for her!

Mostly, the questions were standard and not too difficult. However, some of the questions were confronting when I really stopped to think.

“How satisfied are you with your health and fitness?”

My initial instinct was to rate it quite low.

I only manage to exercise (either at the gym or simply going for a walk) 4-5 times a week, when ideally, I would love to do something every day.

I wish I could go more than two days without chocolate, and I always feel guilty anytime I drink wine - as if I am dooming myself to terrible health.

But then I stopped and looked at it from a different position.

Here's the truth...

I run a business.

I am Mum to two gorgeous kids.

I manage most of the housework (we don’t have a cleaner anymore, sob), and I organise the grocery shopping.

I work solidly anytime the kids are at school or day-care, and I volunteer on the committee of the playgroup we attend.


That’s actually pretty good!

I make time for exercise because it is good for my health not just in terms of fitness, but it also helps me clear my head (or come up with brilliant ideas or solutions!) and it just feels good to me. I eat chocolate but not the whole bar (except on a Friday!)

Maybe with all that considered, I am actually very happy with my health and fitness.......?

Is failure actually success?

All this reflection led me to think of other areas in my life where it’s all too easy to feel like a failure, yet in reality, I am a blooming success.

If all the work I complete for my clients assists their business, and I get paid for satisfying work - then that is success. If clients come back to me with more work; if I get new clients thanks to referrals from existing clients… that is success.

Yet, if I complete 57 tasks in a week for 8 different clients and ONE of these tasks is incorrect or incomplete – I feel like my whole business is a failure.


So 99% of my work WAS spot on yet I am going to let one error pull me down?

Compare and copy?

Another area where it is so easy to look at things the wrong way is business size or business revenue.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

Well,’ aint that the truth!

My business is doing just fine thanks – I don’t want to get sucked into the pressure to be earning more/working more/building an empire… what is “more” anyway?

I think it is so important for all if us to remember why we started our businesses in the first place – and then keep that message close to our hearts and heads in all that we do.

You will need to work differently to me based on your goals, and we all need to take the advice we need and disregard the advice that doesn’t serve us.

I’m going to stick to my lane. Keep doing what works for me, for my clients, and for my family.


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