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Content Creation Tips

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Do you hear people talk about “content creation” or “digital strategies” or “curating content” but are not actually sure what it all means?! Don’t worry, you’re not alone and I didn’t either until I did all my study and training!

Producing content for your website, Facebook, Instagram or blog can at times seems daunting. It helps to break it down into smaller steps and remember that a simple, well planned strategy is often the best one.

When I look at my own digital marketing plan, I look for a diverse range of content to create or use. I create a lot of my own content (blogs, images, quotes and tips) but I also love sharing other content, content created by others that is relevant to my business and my audience. I've also created a digital content calendar, which outlines what things I will post each month.

Why share?

So why should you post content at all? Having a website/blog/Facebook page/LinkedIn profile is great, if you know why and how they should be used.

The main reasons to post (share content) are:

  • To offer value to your audience – what will the audience learn from this?

  • To build new relationships and connect with new clients

  • To build your credibility

  • To share your personality

  • To promote a new product/new website/new service

What type of content?

Video? Blog? Images? Infographic? Sharing other people’s content?

How often will you post? Twice a week? Once a month? Think about the audience you have (or want) and how often are they likely to want to see content from you? Twice a week might be too much for some but not enough for others.

Be careful and make sure you post content that is good – do not get caught up in trying to meet a quota of say, five posts per week if you don’t have five good things to post and then just end up posting fluff or worse - things that just make you look bad.

Who’s your target audience?

Large business? Small business? Students? Parents? Knowing your target audience will help you define points Why and What!

What’s the difference between “created content” and “curated content”

Created Content

Put simply, created content is content you have created yourself (or via a designer etc). So, if you have written a blog or created a graphic (or paid a VA or designer to do it for you) then this is your content.

Curated Content

Curated content is simply the term used for everything else! Content you have gathered from other sources: existing articles you might like to share, social media posts from other sites that you “share” and re-tweet etc.

Tackle your digital strategy with a simple plan: decide what sort of content you want to share, how often and on which platforms, and then enjoy creating. However, if you don’t enjoy creating or finding content send me a message and I can write a plan for you and assist you to implement it.

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