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7 quick and easy marketing tips to improve your website

If you’re a business owner trying to do it all – including managing your website and writing your own content - then I would love to share 7 quick tips to improve the quality of your web content and also to get that content seen by the right people (i.e. potential clients).

Please note: the key to success in the “Do as I say, not as I do” mantra! While I believe my website copy is pretty good and I do regularly check that the links work, I do not have an opt-in or a video on my site – yet!

Okay so here goes:

1. Content, content everywhere!

Ensure the content on your site is well written, can be clearly seen (no light grey on a blue background etc), and conveys trust.

Highlight the issue or problem you can solve (someone needs candles - you sell candles; someone needs a new car – you sell cars; someone needs to find a freelance writer – you get the picture!)

Read your website copy out-loud – how does it sound? Ask a friend to review it critically.

Even better, get a professional writer to create the copy, or proof read what you’ve written.

2. Have a free or paid opt-in

An opt-in allows you an opportunity to:

· Showcase your expertise and offer value

· Own a list of warm leads to connect with

· Keep touch points going over a period of time

· Target the right products or services to each contact

What is an opt-in? It is where you offer something of value (such as a free template, tip sheet, or free product) in return for people giving you their email address. It’s a great way to build and nurture warm leads.

People generally only voluntarily give someone their email addresses in order to get something in return. So, make the opt-in a good one!

3. Video (not just photos)

Using video is a great way to build the “Know/Like/Trust” element into your marketing.

People viewing your website will love the interactive nature of a video as it’s much more engaging.

4. Checking the tech (checking links etc)

How annoying is it when you visit a website and the links don’t work? You’re left clicking wildly, getting frustrated and checking if it’s your mouse just not working?!

Pop a reminder in your diary to recur every 3-months and just take 15mins to go through your site and check all the links. It’s up to you whether you set the link to open in a new tab or just open… think about whether you want the person to be directed away from the page they were on?

Also, check your contact form. Fill it out as a test and make sure it all works and is easy to navigate.

5. Talk less about you – more about the reader

As discussed in Tip #1, check your copy is talking to the reader and isn’t just all about you. Are you addressing their pain points? Are you showing (not telling) how you can help?

Make it all about them – draw them in with engaging copy and great visuals.

6. Clear navigation

Ensure all the pages are named correctly and say what they are – simply. If you have a blog call it a blog, don’t call it something quirky like “Rachel’s words”.

Also, try to keep the format the same: single word and first letter Capitalised.

7. The ‘call to action’

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Put a clear call to action on each page and tell them what you’d like them to do: “Email us now” “Call us today” Sign up today”

And make your contact page simple. If you have a form for people to fill out, that’s fine. But it’s worth having your actual email address on there too if people just prefer to click on that.


I hope you have found these tips useful. Please let me know which one was the most valuable to you? Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to chat about your copy and content needs:


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