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Are you worried about giving away your advice for "free" in business blogs?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

How many times have you heard that blogging is a fab way to market your business?

That having a business blog can showcase your expertise and personality? Offer you a chance to share some tips and advice in order to help others?

But what if you are worried that creating valuable content will just give away all your trade secrets?!

Some people do worry that publishing blogs and articles with tips, advice, and how-to's will just mean people wont need their service anymore.

Thankfully, this just isn't the case.

People might find your tips useful, and may then try some of your advice but most people will still eventually want your help, either out of need or want.

I can tell you this: great blog content gets you in front of the right people, positions you as the expert, and builds trust.

The key to creating great blog content that converts?

Listen to your target market then create targeted content. Hear what your customers (or potential customers) are saying. Answer their questions and provide solutions in all your content and touch points.

Understand how you can help

A great tip for creating targeted content for your ideal audience, is to find the right questions to answer. How can you do this? Hang out where they hang out! Which Facebook groups have your ideal clients joined? What events do they go to? Which publications are they subscribing to? Where do they live/shop/work?

Try to think like a client and work out what you can offer that is valuable to them.

Demonstrate capabilities, then sell your talents

As you publish more and more content, people will connect and bond with you. This all builds trust. And as the trust grows, they are more likely to take note of your capabilities and experience - then when/if they need what you offer, they will see YOU as the go-to person.

By publishing quality content that is reliable and useful, you are showing the reader that you really know your stuff: let the reader see you are capable and experienced.

People will find and read your blogs because they are already thinking of getting help in a certain area or because they are looking for a particular product.

By offering value in your blogs, you can educate the reader. This does not negate their need for you! Rather you are strengthening the relationship with your audience - and when they are ready, you will be top of their list!

Build those warm leads

When people read your blogs, over time they are becoming warm leads. Use the Call to Action at the end of the blog to nurture these leads. Get the readers of your blog to sign up to your newsletter, follow your socials, download a free resource by giving their email address, or ask a question. This means you are now collecting contact information about warm leads and are able to show them more content that can help them.

Ensure you build on these warm leads giving them a reason to come back for more. Let them know there will be new content every week/fortnight/month - they will be excited to consume more content if it's quality - and regular content.

Ready to get creating content?

So, hopefully now you are reassured that there is no need to worry you are just giving away all your tips for free. Creating quality content actually acts as the best form or marketing and builds the crucial Know/Like/Trust.

For help with blog writing, or editing, please feel free to contact me:


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