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Social Media: How and Why to schedule!

Save time, get organised and produce valuable content to your audience by scheduling all your social media posts in one go! To schedule to Instagram or LinkedIn you can use programs such as Later, HootSuite, Buffer - or just schedule organically (in Facebook).

Why Schedule?

The obvious reason is to save time. Batching tasks together is efficient use of time. Spending a couple of hours once a month with a plan and purpose, is better than haphazard approaches.

But it not just about saving time for you. Scheduling your social media posts can actually help you produce more valuable and useful content for your audience. Planning ahead enables you to ensure you are posting a cross section of content, about a wide range of related topics: images as well as text; article links as well as event check-ins. The result is that your social media channels will have a range of content to showcase all that your business offers.

Scheduling also helps sort out the frequency of your posting. Without planning, you could end up with a month of no posts, then two weeks of constant posting which may confuse your audience.

Which programs can I use?

Recently, I have started using Later to schedule Instagram posts for my clients. I also use HootSuite for Linkedin. For Facebook, I schedule organically (within Facebook directly).

Most of these programs offer a free version if you just want to try it out or only have 1 or 2 social media channels.

If you'd like specific instructions on how to schedule within Facebook, check out our blog here.

Take a look at our Facebook page for more tips and news.



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