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Make your writing sparkle with these 5 powerful writing tips

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Improve your writing skills

Creating attractive and engaging written work gets much easier once you know a few tricks.

These tips are relevant to all written work: emails, newsletters, blogs, web copy...

Even those of us that write for a living need reminder notes sometimes, or little check lists to prompt us when we edit our work. Here are 5 easy writing tips to ensure your writing doesn’t make people switch off or fall asleep.

A strong title or subject line

They say to never judge a book by its cover but the title on your blog, flyer, brochure and even social media post will help us decide if we want to read on.

Likewise with emails and writing the subject line.. some people get hundreds of emails a day so you want to make yours stand out.

Break down content

People are usually scanning quickly. Sorry to break it to you but people are not always hanging off every word in your web copy or blog, they will scan for the bits that are most relevant to them.

Writing long paragraphs with long sentences will turn people off. Bring some buzz back to your writing in the form of shorter sections, for example:

  • bullet points

  • numbered lists

  • sub headings

See what I did there?!

Use them, they are meant to be used… they are RIGHT THERE in Word/PowerPoint/your website templates!!! So please use them or simply write sub headings.

Write shorter sentences

Write shorter sentences.

Point made.

Ban the jargon!

Limit the jargon and be careful with big, fancy words. There’s no need to complicate the writing unless you are writing a university thesis or science manual. Web copy, emails, newsletters and blogs should be friendly and conversational. Don’t make it hard for the reader to understand your point.

Always sleep on it

Some would say this is the one to remember above all else. When you have finished your drafts and are happy with the result, just be patient. Wait half a day or even better overnight. Comeback with fresh eyes and do your final read through.

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