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How I work: a simple copywriting process

From start to to finish, the copy writing process works best if both client and copywriter are on the same page.

A great way to ensure the process goes smoothly is to make sure there is a good briefing session or "discovery call".

I understand you might be unsure how it all works, or want to know what happens when you say 'sure, go ahead with this project'.

I try to make it really easy to work with me. Over the years I have perfected a process that works. My aim is to create beautiful content for you, and make the whole process simple and easy. I do not want to add more work for you! So this is how I find things work best...

The Writing Process

1. When a new client comes to me, we first have a quick chat on the phone or over Zoom.

I listen to what the client wants... I ask questions to narrow down the intended audience and we discuss the types of content you need.

2. Then I send over a proposal and quote, along with a brief but important 'new client questionnaire' plus the non-refundable 50% first installment invoice.

3. We get to work!

4. My computer and my brain fire up, ready for me to write, edit, write, edit, and produce the content.

5. You get to see the content and ask for edits - or simply approve. Ask any questions you like, we can speak on the phone again if needed or simply via email.

6. The final invoice is issued.

7. The final copy gets published (social media posts get scheduled, blogs get uploaded, web copy gets saved).

8. I often ask for a quick testimonial if you've been happy with my work, as this really helps with 'social proof' in my business.

Often, you might have other projects on the go or in the pipeline so we start from point 2 or 3 all over again!

Ready to get to work? Contact me on email at or via the contact form on my website.


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