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Copywriting vs Content writing. Wait, what? Are they different?!

What’s the difference? Didn’t even realise there WAS a difference?! Whether you need Content or Copy, in both cases you need well written words and a writer that understands your brand.

I absolutely LOVE writing blogs. I really enjoy crafting words into a beautiful piece that offers value to the reader. I have written blogs for clients about a range of topics, and the fun part is all the research I get to do.

I also love writing snappy web copy or tag lines for marketing copy. Things that make the reader act on a call to action.

Did you spot the difference?

The first type of writing is CONTENT. The second type of writing is COPYWRITING.

I see companies or individuals calling out for a copywriter or content writer, where the two phrases are interchangeable. Yes, both types of writing need writers who can actually write well, and both types of writing require an understanding of the client, the audience and the tone of voice.

But there are also differences in each type of writing.

And understanding the differences means that as a client, you know exactly what you want the writer to do.

It also means that as a writer, you can refine your skills and make sure the client gets what they want.

The easiest way to separate the two types of writing, is to think about the purpose.

Content writing is usually designed to educate, engage and entertain the reader.

  • Blog posts

  • Newspaper articles

  • Feature articles

  • Books (including e-Books)

  • Social media

The aim is to engage with the reader and position your brand (or yourself) as the ‘expert’ in a certain area. Your content can position you as the ‘friendliest plumber’ or the ‘most knowledgeable lawyer’.

Copywriting is usually there in order to sell or pitch to customers.

  • Website content

  • Ads (Online, Audio/TV or in Print)

  • Email campaigns

  • Press releases

  • Social media

Here, the aim is to make people call you for a plumbing task or engage you as their lawyer. The writer will craft copy that persuades people to do something. It’s a form of selling via the written word.

Our differences are what makes us great

Therefore, given that these two types of writing require unique approaches, you need to understand how they can work hand in hand.

If you’re just producing copy that is designed to sell, without the content to provide authenticity you might not find it works too well.

Likewise, lots of great content is wonderful, but without effective copywriting actually converting to leads is not effective. You need to marry the two and have crisp copy where it counts (website, adverts, sales material etc), and also engaging content (on your blogs and social media).

A note on social media: you’ll notice I’ve mentioned it on both Content and Copy. This is because while you can use the text within a post as a Call to Action, you also want to use the text to engage with your audience and educate.

Whether you need Content or Copy, in both cases you need well written words and a writer that understands your brand.


/// If you are looking for someone to write Content or Copy, then please get in touch and we can give you a quote.


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