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Benefits of outsourcing your business content writing

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Creating content is hard.

Do you really have the time - or the inclination - to write and schedule blog content, or social media posts? What about your newsletters or website copy? The list goes on!

3 reasons why you should outsource content writing

1. Save time and money

Well, who doesn't like saving money and time?! Think how long it actually takes you to come up with topics, write the blog, edit, upload to your website with all the correct SEO tags... *shudder*.

Now think of instead using that time to make your products, meet with your clients, catch up on your own internal business needs, or go to networking events. All activities that actually make you money.

Sounds much better, right?

Your business deserves the best so don't stress over your marketing. Outsourcing to a copywriter allows you to really step up your content marketing efforts. This leads us nicely on to benefit 2....

2. Publish QUALITY content

By outsourcing to a professional copywriter, you can maintain a high level of quality across all types of content and various projects even if writing isn’t your strong suit.

As a copywriter with a background in marketing, I know how to create content that is not just easy to read, but that actually cuts through and delivers the results you want.

Even if you enjoy writing, and are happy to write your own blog posts or email sequences, it always helps to get a second pair of eyes to check it over and offer improvements.

This is where engaging a proofreader or editor can be helpful.

3. Engage with your audience

With quality content that is tailored to YOUR audience, we can get better engagement. This, in turn, means that you can be having meaningful and mutually beneficial communication with your ideal clients.

Simply put, enjoy actually speaking to your audience in the right way, by giving them VALUE.

Copywriting services

So, if you believe that content marketing will be helpful for your business, and want to do it but don't have the time or the desire to write the content yourself, get ready to outsource to a professional!

Content creation

Wondering how to get started with outsourcing? I am here to reassure you it's actually quite easy.

First, we discuss what content you want and need, and I can help you identify the right tone of voice and the best ways to reach your audience.

Then I get creating. Once you have your first draft of the content, you can ask for edits, and we can modify, adjust, or reformat the content just as you need.

Once the content is ready, I can help you publish it as necessary.

Sound good? Get in touch with a Perth based copywriter here or visit me on Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram



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