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Hi, I'm Rachel - Owner and chief copywriter at SB Creations.

I love working as a copywriter, but did you know that I started my freelance career as a VA?


This means I have unique insights into the VA industry!

My background in Marketing and Communications, coupled with all my years of experience

and training as a copywriter has led to this exciting partnership with the VA Institute.





Are you at the stage where your website is ready to go, but you think the content could be improved to make it really sparkle?

Or maybe you are struggling to find the right words to even begin?


That's okay, I am ready to help!


I have designed THREE packages, which are exclusively discounted for VA Institute graduates.

Package 1: Awesome ABOUT page 

For just $125, this package includes:

  • Help with your ABOUT page            

      (I can write ABOUT copy that draws clients to you like bees to honey!)

  • A final proofread of all web copy ​    

Package 2: Clever copyedit

For just $225, this package includes:

  • A full edit of your web copy        

  • Includes a review of grammar, copy structure, overall messaging & tone on ALL web pages

  • A final proofread of all web copy         

Package 3: Wonderful words

For just $575, this package includes:

  • Website copy written for you (max 5 web pages)     

  • All your web copy written so darn well that potential clients will just have to make contact

  • Includes research time, x1 free round of edits if required    

  • A final proofread of the copy before the site goes live    


Please contact me via my Contact page or email me directly at



I also have a special offer for blog writing and/or social media so please let me know when you

make contact if you are interested in these services.


SB Creations: Simply Brilliant Written Words 

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