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How to engage a copywriter to manage all your content needs!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

If you need on-going help with your content, let's chat!

As a copywriter, I write content for my clients: blogs, social media posts, website copy, adverts, newsletters, brochures.. and lots more!

If you often have ad-hoc writing projects, such as emails, updated products, events, newsletters, staff announcements etc, then it could be a good idea to hire a copywriter on an ongoing basis.

Monthly copy & content support

Great news! You can have my time, expertise, and experience on a monthly basis. This way, 10-min jobs as well as 10-hour jobs can all be sorted by me, and ticked off your To-Do list!

Three top benefits:

  1. You only pay for the work you need completed, not a full time person who often has nothing to do! Rather than paying someone to sit in the office, you can outsource what you need.

  2. Widen your net to find the best of the best. I work as a solo-freelancer... but I often collaborate with web designers, SEO specialists or online business managers... so working with me could also help you get other tasks done.

  3. Flexibility: work done, when you need it. Some months will be busy for you, some months quiet. We can agree a rough number of hours per month but this can be flexible. My agreements do not lock you in. We work on a month-by-month basis.

Keen? Let's meet!

Thanks to technology, we can work together whether you're in Perth or Sydney; London or Rome!

When I work ongoing with a client, we communicate mostly via email, maybe phone - and if practical, then we can use either Skype or Zoom to "touch base" once a fortnight (face-to-face meetings for Perth clients are available).

So it's just like having a fortnightly meeting in the office.

Perfect for providing feedback to each other, outlining upcoming work, and signing off on completed projects.


How good would it feel to know that you have an expert writer, on standby for 5/10/20 hours a month, ready for you to shoot emails over to with little jobs, big jobs, and all the ones in-between? All your copy and content sorted, and ticked off from your To-Do list. Not to mention another person on your team to bounce ideas off, and someone to be proactive when I identify opportunities for you.


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