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12 days of Christmas marketing

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. Okay, I am not your true love. But I can give you a 12-point checklist of simple (and mostly free!) actions you can take in the next few weeks, in order to finish the year on a high – and have the new year start well.

Here is a 12–point checklist of simple (and mostly free!) actions you can take in the next few weeks, in order to finish the year on a high – and start the new year already ahead of the game!

1. Check your Facebook page settings: why not set yourself a task to check 5 settings – choose from:

About Us; Profile Image; Cover Image; Contact Details; Services Tab; Messenger

2. Also check your LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or any others!

3. Write a blog – think of a topic you know all about - what advice or thoughts can you share? Just blurt it all out and send to me to edit and proof read - I can even help you upload it to your website!

4. Check all your directory listings and membership accounts are up to date

5. Find two new directories to list with

6. Book in for at least one networking event or training seminar before the year end – and find two for January or February

7. Look into paid advertising – find prices for the local paper, Facebook ads, Google ads or online directories that offer featured members

8. Write a one-page business plan with some targets, ideas, goals etc - and then set a diary reminder every 3-months to review it (I started doing this at the start of this year and it's such a good trick!)

9. Ask current and past clients for testimonials – send clients the links to your Facebook, Google business listing, or LinkedIn profile

10. Send an email to all past clients letting them know you have a special offer in January

11. Research podcasts you can approach to guest appear – or publications to write a guest blog for

12. Do a Facebook live! You’ll look awesome because you finally have a summer glow, and you can talk about ANYTHING. Just give it a try... video engages people like no other!

// All of these tips work for ANY business //

Run a kids art-school? Great, find an education podcast and approach them to see if they need guests.

You’re a plumber? Brilliant, check in with all past clients saying you have a special offer on hot water system servicing.

Run an Interior Design business? Jot down some notes about which colours work well for Autumn, record a Facebook live, and I can edit it into a blog just in time for the new year.

You’re welcome!


/// Contact me anytime on

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